Modern Times On Stage

2013: 1/12 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co Saxton's River Vt, The Pizza Stone Chester Vt, Rick's Tavern Newfane Vt, The Press Room Portsmouth Nh, 2/1PK's Pub Bellows Falls Vt, 2/10 The Pizza Stone, 3/1 Rick's Tavern, Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 4/19 PK's Pub 5/11 Rick's Tavern, 5/24 Bellows Falls Farmers Mkt, 6/7 Pizza Stone, 6/21 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 6/22 Rick's Tavern, 6/23 Pizza Stone, 6/28 PK's Pub, 7/10 Chili Head BBQ, 7/31The Press Room Portsmouth NH,8/23 Moles Hill Theatre Alstead NH

2012: 1/7 The Belmont Club Fall River Ma, 1/20 L'Artisan Cafe Providence RI, 1/28 Rick's Tavern Newfane Vt, 2/10 Brown University Bookstore Cafe, 2/22 The Press Room Portsmouth NH, 3/3 Off the Common Coffeehouse Bridgewater Ma, 3/31 Churchstreet CoffeehouseWarren RI, 4/1 Pizza Stone, 4/13 PK's Pub Bellows Falls Vt, 4/27 Coffee Depot Warren RI,4/28 Rick's Tavern, 5/12 The Grafton Unn Vt, 4/20 Custom House Coffee Portsmouth RI, 4/25 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 6/10 AS220 Providence RI, 7/7 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 7/21 Tiverton Four Corners Art Festival RI, 7/28 The Grafton Inn Vt, 8/1 The Press Room Portsmouth NH, 8/11 Rick's Tavern,8/12 Jamaica Farmers Mkt Vt, 8/26 Pizza STone , 8/31 Bellows Falls Farmers Mkt, 9/1 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 9/14 Billy Goods w Barefoot Davis Newport RI, 9/16 Jamaica Farmers Mkt Vt, 9/22 Hyannnis Angler's Club Ma w Barefoot Davis, 9/28 PK's Pub, 9/29 Springfield Vt Farmers Mkt, 10/20 Rick's Tavern, 11/2 Paradice Cafe Dedham Ma, 11/29 Altuna Luna Gallery Bristol RI, PK's Pub Bellows Falls Vt, Stella Blue Warren RI w Tim Richmond,12/22 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co Saxtons River Vt 

2011: 1/14 Perk's Coffeehouse Norwood Ma, 2/4 Coffee Depot Warren RI, 2/9 Kinsale Inn Matapoisett Ma, 2/11 Cafe Zog Providence RI, 2/12 Church St Coffeehouse Warren RI,2/20 Custom Housr Coffee Portsmouth RI, 2/28 Roslindale Open Mic,3/3 Perk's Coffeehouse, 3/6 Amazing Things Framingham Ma, 3/23 Chili Head BBQ,4/9 Pleasant Valley Brewing saxtons River Vt,4/30 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 5/7 Brooklynn Tea & Coffee,5/14 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co,5/29 Pizza Stone Chester Vt, 6/11 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co,6/29 The Press Room Portsmouth NH !7/17 Custom House Coffee Portsmouth NH,7/22 Bellows Falls Farmers Mkt Bellows Falls Vt,8/20 Prov. Coffee Roasters E.Prov RI, 8/26 Pleasant Valley Brewing, 9/11 Pizza Stone Chester Vt, 9/17 Rick's tavern Newfane Vt, 9/23/ Coffee Depot Warren RI,9/24 Angler's Club Hyannis Ma,10/6 Perk's Coffeehouse,10/14 L'artisan Cafe Prov RI, 10/26 The Press Room Portsmouth NH, 10/29 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 10/30 Bourne Mills open house Tiverton RI, 11/8 Biki's Warwick RI,11/26 Rick's Tavern, 12/17 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co,12/30 Perk's Coffeehouse 

2010: 2/5 Coffee Depot, 2/13 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 2/20 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 2/28 Belmont Club Fall River Ma, 3/6 Chili Head BBQ,4/25 Custom House Coffee, 5/8 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 5/21 Perk's  Coffeehouse, 5/30 Kinsale Inn,6/18 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co,6/30 Chili Head BBQ,7/21 Chili Head BBQ,8/6 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 8/11 Chili Head BBQ,9/11 SOAH Tiverton RI, 9/18Pleasant Valley Brewing Co 9/30 Greenwich Hotel E.Greenwich RI,10/17 Custom House Coffee,10/20 Jackies Galaxy Bristol RI,10/22 Pleasant Valley Brewing Vt, 10/24 Colonel's Cabin Vt, 11/5 Cafe Zog Prov RI,11/7 Kinsale Inn,11/19 Pleasant Valley Brewing, 12/22 Kinsale Inn

2009: 1/2 Perk's Coffeehouse,1/22 Perk's Coffeehouse, 1/30 Coffee Depot,2/1 Custom House Coffee, 2/7 KGB Bar NY NY, 2/21 Chili Head BBQ, 3/23 Sand Bar Taunton Ma, 4/25 Chili Head BBQ, 5/1 Custom House Coffee,5/9 Church street Coffeehouse Warren RI,5/20 Chili Head BBQ,6/5 Java Joe's Boston Ma,6/13 Dighton Arts Festival, Jitters Coffeehouse Southington Ct,7/1 Chili Head BBQ,8/21 Custom House, 8/29 Newport Yachting Center,9/4 Perk's Coffeehouse,9/9 My House Quincy Ma, 9/19 Evelyn's SOAH Tiverton RI, 9/19 Chili Head BBQ eve,10/3 Pleasant Valley, 10/4 Radio Bean Burlongtob Vt,10/17 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 11/1 Dighton Arts Festival, 11/4 Chili Head BBQ, 12/4 Pleasant Valley Brewing Co, 12/11 Coffee Depot, 12/27 Custom House Coffee

2008: 1/10 New Wave Cafe New Bedford Ma, 2/1 Coffee Depot, 2/10 Lickety Splits Westport Ma, 3/20 New Wave Cafe, 4/8 Steve's Backstage Pass Taunton Ma, 4/24 Jack's St Thomas Virgin Islands, 5/8 New Wave Cafe, 5/15 Perk's, 5/24 Little Compton Community Center RI, 5/29 New Wave Cafe, 6/19 Perk's, 6/21 Steve's Backstage Pass, 6/26 New Wave cafe, 7/10 Cafe Apreggioo New Bedford, 8/23 Aquidneck Island Arts Festival, Newort, 9/6 Chili Head BBQ, 9/20 Joe Davies Folk Fest. Middleboro Ma, 10/3 Chili HeadBBQ, 10/10-11 Taunton River Folk Festival, 11/4 Steve's Backstage Pass, 11/13 Perk's, 11/14 McCliments Pub Putney Vt, 12/4 Amazing Things Framingham Ma, 12/9 New Wave Cafe, 12/13 Churchstreet Coffeehouse, 12/31 Steve's Backstage Pass

2007: 1/25 Perk's Coffeehouse Norwood Ma, McCliments Pub Putney Vt, 2/15 New Wave Cafe, 2/16 Coffee Depot Warren RI,4/12 Perk's Coffeehouse,5/2 Narrows center For the Arts Fall River Ma, 7/10 New Wave Cafe, 7/21 Tiverton Arts Festival RI, 9/7 Perk's Coffeehouse,9/11 New Wave Cafe, 9/15 Joe Davies Folk Festival, 11/2 Rick's Music Raynham Ma, JD McCliments Pub Putney Vt, 11/12 Harvest Moon Saxtons River Vt, 12/1 Steve's Backstage Pass Taunton Ma, 12/31 Stev's Backstage Pass

2006 Jan 5,12,19 Tommy Doyles Pub Newton Ma, 3/23 Perk's Coffeehouse Norwood Ma, 5/11 Perk's Coffeehouse, 6/1 Kendall Sq. Food Court Cambridge Ma, 6/15 Perk's Coffeehouse, 6/20 Kendall Sq, 7/10 Kendall Sq, 7/25 Kendall Sq, 8/2 Narrows Center For the Arts Fall River, 8/17,8/ 31 Kendall Sq, 9/7 Perk's, 10/27 Perk's Coffeehouse, 11/4 The Nameless Coffehouse Cambridge Ma, 11/8 Narrows Center, 11/9 Cafe Appreggio New Bedford Ma, 12/16 JD McCliments Pub Putney Vt, 12/31 Key West Fla, Also much busking this year in Brattle Plaza Cambridge