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Melville Park (2005)
Ross Robinson
Album Cover
Released: May 1, 2006
Label: Ross Robinson
Track Listing
1 Spike Drivers Blues
2 Jorma
3 Ain't Long Before Day
4 Shake'Em On Down
5 Jinx Blues
6 Stackolee
7 Another Man Done Gone
8 White Light (Power Failure)
9 The Here and Now
10 Guitar Rag
11 Things About Going My Way
12 Homesick

Liner Notes

This has been my cd since 2006.... It fianlly has sold out completly. I gave the final copy to a hitchiker I picked up outside Brattleboro Vt. Now it's a collector's item. This was recorded at Melville Park Studio in Boston Ma in March 2005, released in '06. 'The two Guitar Show' One National 'Polychrome' Guitar and one Gibson 'Blues King'.